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Brent Lammas in Insights & Ideas
08 May 2014

Fun, Fearless & Fabulous

Feminine Fun Fearless Fabulours Pink Home Desk

Pink is fun, bold and relentlessly feminine. Table and Desk is ready to be as outrageous as you are – and yes, we can make this desk in hot pink. But with a desk that is going to last for many, many years to come, sometimes it is better to restrain your inner Diva just a little and express yourself in vibrant paints and fabrics which can change from season to season while allowing the perennial style of your furniture to continue to shine through.

Brent Lammas
20 Mar 2014

Our Most Versatile Table

When we first added the high table to our collection, we had no idea how popular they would be — or how many unique and interesting uses people would find for them.

Brent Lammas
08 May 2014

No Maintenance Outdoor Setting

Table and Desk is excited to reveal our no-maintenance outdoor setting. Combining form with function, the frame is created from clear anodised structural grade aluminium which is strong, light-weight and will not corrode or rust. The top is a compact laminate, offering a stylish streamlined finish which, unlike wood, requires no care and will look as good in ten years as it does today. Can you think of a better solution? We can’t.