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Height Adjustable Standup Desk Custom Made

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Custom Office Commercial Furniture

Choose your dimensions to the millimetreand select from a wide range of colours and options

Height Adjustable Standup Desk Custom Dimensions Stylish Colours

Your stylish and hardwearing 25mm Laminex Decorwood® Top is cut to the exact size you request.

It is edged with matching 2mm ABS applied with heat (200°C+) and high pressure to create a permanent and seamless bond.

Your European designed, AFRDI Certified Elevar EV1000 frame features two powerful motors operating dual linear actuators, making it one of the quietest, fastest and most reliable height adjustable desks on the market.

The multiposition controller allows you to set three height positions and features a digitial display enabling you to see the exact height of our desk.

Height Adjustable Standup Desk 14 Day Delivery Height Adjustable Standup Desk 10 Year Warranty Height Adjustable Standup Desk Quick Assembly
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I compared a lot of height adjustable desks, and this one was certainly the best in terms of price versus quality. I expected my new height adjustable desk to help me improve my posture (I spend a lot of time sitting), but what I didn't expect was how much it improved my productivity. When I feel a slump coming on, I shift to standing and am able to remain more focused. Thanks Table and Desk for making it so easy.

Pat - Brisbane, Qld.

Our customers include:
CSIRO bhpbillton Morgage Choice Porshe ClubsNSW SES
DELL Ray White The University of Melbourne Tackle World ETIHAD Stadium IBIS-Hotels
Dual Monitors Smooth Electric Motion Safety features

ALL the features you're looking for (and more)

• Height range: 635 - 1285mm
• Programmable controller with 3 presets and digital display
• Choose your width from 1200 - 2100mm
• Choose your depth from 650 - 900mm
• Dual motors
• Smooth electric motion
• Fast and quiet
• Weight Capacity: 120kg
• Safety features such as collision control and overheat protection
• 10 Year Warranty
Height Adjustable Desk for Good Health Posture Circulation

While you take care of your work

Not only can prolonged sitting cause neck and back pain but a horrifying list of other potential health problems. According to Dr Martha Grogan, a cardiologist from the Mayo Clinic, "For people who sit most of the day, their risk of heart attack is about the same as smoking."

Having the ability to alternate between sitting and standing will improve your posture and circulation as well as burn a lot more calories. And best of all, say goodbye to the mid-afternoon slump. Standing makes you more productive. You'll be more alert and achieve much more in less time.

Height Adjustable Standup Desk widest range of colours on the market

We offer the

We have selected a wide range of colours from the Laminex range to match or complement contemporary offices and homes. but there are hundreds more options available.

The Elevar frame is available in White. Silver and Black.

Looking to match something specific or for something a little unusual? A member of our team is sure to be able to help.

Height Adjustable Standup Desk Accessories

Select from a range of accessories to create

Reclaim your workspace with a range of accessories which remove your monitor, CPU and all those annoying cables from your desk top. Reduce the clutter and stay focused on the task at hand with our range of storage solutions.

We recommend the Torro Anti-Fatigue Mat which will enable you stand comfortably for almost three times longer than standing on a solid floor.

Height Adjustable Standup Desk ASSEMBLY IS A BREEZE

We've done the difficult parts so that

To make life easier for you, we preassemble your desk. attaching the frame and main control unit. All you need to do is attach the legs and feet and multi-position controller (all the holes are pre-drilled for you) and attach the cables.

You'll be up and running before you know it.

Height Adjustable Standup Desk Height Adjustable Standup Desk AFRDI approved

Buy with confidence, knowing the European designed EV1000 is AFRDI approved. It has undergone rigorous testing to ensure strength, durability, stability, function and safety.

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