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Brent Lammas in Insights & Ideas
08 May 2014

Dining In Style

Table and Desk offers you a unique opportunity to create furniture to fit your environment. You choose the exact dimensions you need – to the millimetre. Create a dining table and matching coffee table which feel like they were made specifically for your home – because they were.

Brent Lammas
20 Mar 2014

Our Most Versatile Table

When we first added the high table to our collection, we had no idea how popular they would be — or how many unique and interesting uses people would find for them.

Brent Lammas
08 May 2014

Black is the New Black

When Table and Desk was initially launched, it offered a limited range of colours and black was certainly the most popular colour. Since then, we have increased our colour range to include a variety of solid colours, textured looks and woodgrain finishes. And today, it appears that black remains at the top of our best seller list. Classic elegance never goes out of style.